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Being into creative field, we always blend methodologies with innovation to conclude various projects. We follow simplistic, organized and step by step approach to ensure the best possible solutions.

We are always careful with our techniques and ethical approach for completing the projects. In every process, we ensure keeping seamless communications with clients so that completely customized projects can be delivered.

It is a known fact that scientific animation is not an overnight job. It takes a lot of creative knowledge and technical insight to produce the services with perfection. Though we consider each project to be unique, but there are a few common steps that we follow in the development process of scientific animation. Have a glimpse on our process:

  • Consultation: The first step of scientific animation process is consultation. We consult with clients, know about the requirements, understand clients’ expectations, and finally discuss about the project in team meeting.
  • Visualization: For successful conclusion of the project, proper visualization is required. Our creative team visualizes the project at the initial stage.
  • Story boarding: When visualization process is completed story boarding has been done to carry out the project methodically, distributing the tasks amongst the team members according to their merits.
  • Development: The development process is basically the implementation of visualization and storyboarding process. Depending upon the project, it can be long or short.
  • Testing: When development is complete, testing has been done to ensure error free output. Technological glitches are also wiped out in this step.
  • Output: Output is the last stage, where client is feed with the final product.

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